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 We enjoy working with our clients from beginning to end on their journey towards their perfect resin product. We understand that not everyone can take an idea from their head and put it on paper to hand to a designer. Our in-​house artists can work with clients to put their ideas in motion by drawing a model then carving a master, and creating a master mold to be reproduced in an efficient and cost effective way. Our passion for our craft runs through every piece we make and a satisfied customer is the end to which we all work. 

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Our creative team specializes in giving stalled ideas a kick start. Tell us about your project and allow our experienced group of artists & design consultants an opportunity to offer you a fresh perspective.

US Pentagon Renovation Project 2005

We have worked with many companies, clients, and individuals across the country over the years and feel very privileged to have done so. Here we highlight a few of the projects we have done in an effort to help better inform you of our services, capabilities and commitment to quality. Please know that we see each project and each customer as totally unique. We strive to bring a fresh passion to each project while always keeping an eye on our ultimate goal - our customer's approval. We see our clients as partners and we join each and every one in their challenges and invest in their success. 

“The Pentagon renovation team was posed with the challenge of finding…. And would recommend Serra Design to anyone looking for a great working relationship, quality work, and timeliness.” 

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Wedges 2-5 is a phased design/build renovation of 4 million square feet of space in the Pentagon. The project brings all remaining un-renovated  areas of the building into compliance with modern building, life safety,  ADA and fire codes. Work includes removal of all hazardous materials, replacement of all building systems, addition of new elevators and escalators to improve vertical circulation, and installation of new security and telecommunications systems. Renovated spaces will be modern, efficient, and flexible. The project, underway since September 2001, is on an accelerated schedule for completion in December 2010, four years sooner than originally planned.

        Cold Cast Resin Polymer Products & Services


Other Featured Projects 

Featured Projects

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