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Serra Designs is a continuously growing company specializing in custom resin casting products. Our company is made up of individually unique artists with over 25 years of experience who share a passion for their craft and that passion shows through in every product we produce. Jose Serra, along with his partner artists, started Serra Designs in 2004, fulfilling a long time dream. He previously worked in the wood carving industry for 27 years, which led him from Miami, FL to Evansville, IN where he worked as the Master Carver for a high-end furniture company for over 15 years. While working there he also did free-lance carving jobs for the resin casting industry. Following his years as Master Carver he moved onto become the Head Furniture Designer and Product Manager for another high-end furniture and design company. He began to develop skills in designing as well as creating, and this spawned Serra Designs which started as a simple furniture website.


As Jose developed his designing skills as Head Furniture Designer, and business skills with Serra Designs, he continued to work within the resin casting industry doing woodcarving. In time, all of his unique skills, knowledge, and passion began to mesh together to form what is Serra Designs today, a custom resin casting company. Jose’s skills, along with the skills of his partner artists, allow for Serra Designs to be unique in the fact that everything is individualized and created with the utmost detail and quality from design to final product. Serra Designs is proud of everything they produce, especially in the fact that it is all 100% made in America.


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1245 Center St
Henderson Ky 

Tel: (270) 826-8775
Fax: (270) 826-8776

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About Us

Serra Designs employs artisans, including carvers, sculptors, and painters; some have been with the company since its inception. Serra Designs takes a concept through the steps of custom design, fashioning masters, creating molds, and casting the final pieces.

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