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        Shriner's Statue - "Editorial Without Words"


They stand like sentries protecting the physically challenged and needy children, statues of a fez-wearing figure holding a child in one arm and crutches in the other in front of Ronald McDonald House, Home of the Innocents, Brooklawn Youth Services, Kosair Shrine Temple and five other locations.


But few who see the monuments here, and at Masonic centers across the country, know they depict a Shriner's kindness 40 years ago to an Evansville, Ind., girl named Bobbi Jo Wright, who was struggling to walk on crutches.

9 & 1/2 foot fiberglass casted Shriner's Statue which stands in front of many

of the places nation wide where they have left their impact

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For more infoprmation on the Shriner's organization and the great work they do, visit with our encouagement of your support. 

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House on the Hill

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In 1870 a group of Masons gathered frequently for lunch at the Knickerbocker Cottage on Sixth Avenue in New York City. At a special table on the second floor, a particularly fun-loving group of men met regularly. Among them were Walter M. Fleming, M.D. and William J. “Billy” Florence, an actor. The group frequently talked about starting a new fraternity for Masons – one centered on fun and fellowship, more than ritual. Fleming and Florence took this idea seriously enough to do something about it. A few decades later the Shriners were born in the way we know them today. 


The "Editorial without words" monuments which are placed in front of hospitals and other facilities all over this nation have come to represent the compassionate diligence of the Shriners' work. When it came time for new ones to be built, Serra Designs was contacted to take on the project. Jose Serra, owner and operator of Serra Designs Inc. is a resident of Evansville Indiana, as were the Shriner & girl depicted in the statue. Jose has admired and supported the Shriners' efforts for many years and was delighted to have the opportunity to work on a this particular project. The 9 1/2 foot statue was a massive undertaking which required many creative outside-the-box methods to produce. As of Summer 2014, several monuments representing the great work of the Shriners organization have been produced and placed in their new locations, with many more to follow. The Serra Designs family would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and acknowledge the pride & privilege we feel for being part of this project. 

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House on the Hill
Fiberglass cast statue
Fiberglass cast statue
Fiberglass cast statue

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