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Resin Casting?



        Cold Cast Resin Polymer Products & Services


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Casting resin art. Resin -Fiberglass statues ?  


Resin is one of the many forms of plastic that chemistry has bestowed upon the world. One of resin's many forms is that of casting resin, where two different liquid parts are mixed and poured into a mold, where it hardens and produces an exact cast replica of whatever was used to make the mold. Cold cast resin produces a significantly lower amount of heat during the reaction than its cousin products, hence its namesake and...


Carons's Brewery Taps

Once made in China now this local brewery works with us.

Margaritaville Wall Display

Cold cast resin product of "Margaritaville Wall display"

Margaritaville - Parrot

Cold cast resin product of "Margaritaville Parrot"

Cowboy Boots-Custom

Resin Casting of Cowboy boots with custom finish.

America Eagle Urn

Cold cast resin finished product of America eagle urn

Showstopper Rolling Pin

Springerle and Speculaas Cookie Molds for Baking, Crafting, Decorating...

Kelco Dog House Urn

Cold cast resin finished product of Kelco Dog House Urn

Born to Ride Urn

Cold cast resin finished product of bike tank used for urn.

Shriner Fez

Resin Fez made for the Shriner organization. Used for award or urn.

Margaritaville - Land Shark

Cold cast resin finished product of Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville Land Shark"

Personalized Military Items

Hand stained personalized military service honor gift

Nasa Replica Asteroid

Nasa / JPL Labs Replica Asteroid produced using 3D modeling software

Custom Resin Products

We have the capabilities and experience to make most any product our customer's need.

Hero's Wall Urn

Cold cast resin casting product of Hero's Wall urn

In April 2004, he took over a defunct polymer resin casting company’s equipment and turned Serra Designs into a business with more than 100 annual clients, including the Department of Defense, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.


Evansville Living Magazine

June 2012

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.... a continuously growing company specializing in custom resin casting products. Our company is made up of individually unique artists with over 25 years of experience who share a passion for their craft and that passion shows through in every product we produce. Retail resin gift items we sell to the public can be found on various sites across the Internet.

       Serra Designs Resin Castings Company is.....


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